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ABSP Ratings at Tuesday September 19, 2017 in Players from Scotland

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The table below gives the latest ABSP ratings for players from Scotland. To appear in this list you must have played at least 15 ABSP-rated games in total, and at least one game since Sep 19th 2016. The calendar shows all upcoming events that have been approved for rating. The column marked N shows the number of games available to be rated. If the column is blank, the full quota of 150 games is used. Players with fewer than 30 games are listed below all those with more games. The column marked MemNo shows the membership number if the person is an ABSP member at the date of this listing. For nonmembers and lapsed members the column is blank.

190  180  175  170  165  160  155  150  145  140  135  130  125  120  115  110  105  100  95  90  85  80  75 
Rank order Name order Club order
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Rtg MemNo N Club Last played

1957Allan Simmons (GM)Scotland28/08/2017
187482Neil Scott (GM)ScotlandAberdeen02/09/2017
1721006Ross MacKenzieScotlandGlasgow10/09/2017
1711862Stu HarknessScotland02/09/2017
1682024Chris CumminsScotlandEdinburgh18/09/2017
1671732James SquiresScotlandEdinburgh31/08/2017
16259Simon Gillam (Exp)ScotlandEdinburgh10/09/2017
159226Alan SinclairScotlandEdinburgh12/09/2017
15595Niyi AdebayoScotland30/08/2017
155343Amy ByrneScotlandEdinburgh17/09/2017
152292Wilma WarwickScotlandEdinburgh12/09/2017
150Billy DottScotlandGlasgow12/09/2017
149Peter PrestonScotlandBon Accord18/08/2017
1481674Ricky ZingerScotland31/07/2017
146534Caroline AtkinsScotland20/01/2017
145John BallochScotlandGlasgow12/09/2017
145608Sandra HofflandScotland02/09/2017
1441511Colin NicolScotlandEdinburgh14/09/2017
1411149Jim WilkieScotlandISC13/08/2017
139Alec RobertsonScotlandDunfermline02/09/2017
139488Marion KeatingsScotland10/09/2017
138489Tom WilsonScotlandGlasgow18/09/2017
138589Anne StewardScotland09/09/2017
138737Margaret HarknessScotlandEdinburgh02/09/2017
135655Mary JonesScotlandGlasgow12/09/2017
133406Moya DewarScotlandGlasgow13/08/2017
133Melanie BeaumontScotland27/10/2016
132738Margaret ArmstrongScotlandElgin30/08/2017
131996Kenneth RossScotlandEdinburgh12/09/2017
1301003Sheena WilsonScotlandElgin13/08/2017
1301169Yvonne HollandScotlandGlasgow13/08/2017
128603Linda BradfordScotlandDunfermline02/09/2017
1251509Heather LairdScotlandEdinburgh02/09/2017
1221883122Marc GillisScotlandGlasgow26/02/2017
121840Rhoda GrayScotlandBon Accord13/08/2017
1191574Ken McGinnessScotlandCumbernauld02/09/2017
1171442Gordon WinterScotlandEdinburgh02/09/2017
117198083Gloria SchofieldScotland15/08/2017
11548Isobel PhilipScotland04/06/2017
1151525Caroline FoyScotland04/06/2017
1111782John FyfeScotlandEdinburgh06/09/2017
111Helgemarie FarrowScotland05/11/2016
1081930Maria MarczakScotlandDunfermline13/08/2017
10763Liz RobertsonScotlandGlasgow24/06/2017
106Willie ScottScotland02/09/2017
1051769Jennifer PayneScotlandEdinburgh11/09/2017
1042025Sandy MacLeodScotlandElgin30/08/2017
101125Mary OrrScotlandCumbernauld05/11/2016
1001599Margaret Leonard-McGheeScotlandDunfermline13/08/2017
991992Sybil BerreclothScotland04/06/2017
981958Isobel GilliesScotlandEast Sutherland30/08/2017
981977Joyce CleggScotlandCumbernauld13/08/2017
97935Ian WhyteScotlandDunfermline02/09/2017
951911Beverley RaeburnScotlandEdinburgh06/09/2017
942107Aileen MorrisonScotlandCumbernauld02/09/2017
921225Lena GlassScotlandEdinburgh02/09/2017
9067Anne WilkinsScotlandBon Accord29/01/2017
89Margot MontgomeryScotland20/01/2017
821390Maria RaffaelliScotlandLeith06/09/2017
801850Rena WaddellScotland18/01/2017
80Alison PetersScotlandLochee04/06/2017
7549Jane MooreScotlandGlasgow22/04/2017
74Sheila JohnstonScotland02/09/2017
64216172Steven MorriceScotland02/09/2017
602029104Ian CampbellScotlandCumbernauld08/04/2017
581740Zandra BeggScotlandLeith06/09/2017
5377Pamela FarrScotland18/08/2017
67 players found.

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