ABSP Ratings at Thursday March 22, 2018 in All-Ireland Scrabble Association
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Rank order Name order Club order
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Rtg MemNo N Club Last played

1951618Paul Gallen (GM)Northern IrelandBelfast28/01/2018
190Kevin McMahon (GM)Ireland28/01/2018
189Lukeman Owolabi (Exp)Ireland28/01/2018
1771000Stewart Holden (GM)Northern IrelandBelfast29/01/2017
1741814Rik Kennedy (Exp)Northern IrelandBelfast04/03/2018
168105Ademola AjayiIreland29/05/2016
168Feargal Weatherhead (Exp)Ireland28/01/2018
157Joseph McGinleyIreland29/01/2017
156Ronan WebbIreland26/11/2017
155999Kay McColganIreland02/09/2017
155408Nuala O'RourkeNorthern IrelandEast Midlands24/02/2018
1542210Celine McCartNorthern IrelandBelfast28/01/2018
1541032Kevin SynnottIrelandRomford13/03/2018
1521591Mick HealyIrelandLeicester West End10/03/2018
145Alex_Gboye BalogunIreland06/11/2016
143Theresa ScallanIreland26/11/2017
135Liam DonnellyIreland28/01/2018
134Sarah-Jane HoldenNorthern IrelandBelfast28/01/2018
13177Sean PardueIrelandAllIrelandScrabbleAssoc.26/11/2017
129138David MillsNorthern IrelandBelfast07/08/2016
129458Eileen MeghenIrelandChurchtown28/01/2018
12998Chris BroderickIreland10/09/2017
1281667Mary DoyleIreland28/01/2018
127Breda O'BrienIreland26/11/2017
125Pauline RussellIreland26/11/2017
124Rita HennesseyIreland26/11/2017
1212237John McCartNorthern IrelandBelfast26/11/2017
120225198Finbarr LongIreland26/11/2017
119Pauline WeatherheadIreland28/01/2018
11784Darius BartlettIreland28/01/2018
11728Paul BissetIreland29/05/2016
114Mary MorganIreland26/11/2017
113Anne CreavenIreland10/09/2017
11397John Cunningham-RyanIreland28/01/2018
11269Marie RyanIreland10/09/2017
111Hannah KingstonIreland10/09/2017
1112215Jennie FrizelleIrelandAllIrelandScrabbleAssoc.26/11/2017
10941Paula RyanIreland10/09/2017
109138John WinickIreland10/09/2017
10946Siobhan BuckleyIreland06/11/2016
10944Deirdre EckbauerIreland26/11/2017
10776John KennedyIreland26/11/2017
9683Veronica O'LoughlinIreland26/11/2017
9341Rosaleen RogersIreland06/11/2016
93Phyllis LambeIreland26/11/2017
92118Ronnie GordonIreland09/04/2017
8981Ann-Marie WinnickIreland05/03/2017
8687Fergus WilliamsIreland05/03/2017
8244Aileesh HarpurIreland26/11/2017
7828Ger Hore Ireland26/11/2017
7513Mai NguyenIreland05/03/2017
72131Una MeehanIreland26/11/2017
6739Breda O'DriscollIreland10/09/2017
6329Andrew ClarkNorthern IrelandBelfast07/08/2016
628Paul McMinnNorthern Ireland28/01/2018
5026Kathleen O'Shea Ireland10/09/2017
5013Gloria O'ConnorIreland05/03/2017
5015Honor BulgerIreland06/11/2016
58 players found.

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