ABSP Ratings at Tuesday October 16, 2018 in Name Order

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The table below gives the latest ABSP ratings in name order. Ratings are also shown in ranking order or club order. To appear in this list you must have played at least 15 ABSP-rated games in total, and at least one game since Oct 16th 2017. The calendar shows all upcoming events that have been approved for rating. The column marked N shows the number of games available to be rated. If the column is blank, the full quota of 150 games is used. Players with fewer than 30 games are listed below all those with more games. The column marked MemNo shows the membership number if the person is an ABSP member at the date of this listing. For nonmembers and lapsed members the column is blank.

190  180  175  170  165  160  155  150  145  140  135  130  125  120  115  110  105  100  95  90  85  80  75 
Rank order Name order Club order
AISA Scotland More Ratings 
Rtg MemNo N Club Last played

1421935Alan AbelaEnglandMilton Keynes14/10/2018
1331179Janet AdamsEnglandLondon Scrabble League29/04/2018
155110Niyi AdebayoScotland29/08/2018
150Abiodun AdeyemiEnglandMilton Keynes30/09/2018
94Karen AdlerIsrael18/02/2018
161Olakunle AjayiEngland23/06/2018
1641679Toke AkaNigeria19/05/2018
17639Dipo AkanbiNigeria07/01/2018
1101038Jacquie AldousEnglandNorwich27/08/2018
134635Philip AldousEnglandNorwich27/08/2018
188751Paul Allan (GM)England15/10/2018
12880Mary AllenWalesCardiff14/10/2018
1141226Elisabeth{Clvlnd} AllenEnglandCleveland23/06/2018
1292249108Liz{Leicester} AllenEnglandLeicester28/10/2017
122Nancy AlroyIsrael20/04/2018
14651Cathy AndersonEnglandNewcastle17/03/2018
1041259Sheila{Rmfrd} AndersonEnglandRomford08/09/2018
116856Minu AndersonEngland02/04/2018
8551Anna AnderssonEngland08/04/2018
155206559Gunnar AnderssonSweden08/04/2018
1181686Angele AndrewsEngland07/10/2018
1891942Piotr Andronowski (GM)England03/06/2018
1191630Ted AnscombEngland22/09/2018
1721631Jack AnscombEnglandSutton Coldfield19/11/2017
127738Margaret ArmstrongScotlandElgin29/08/2018
1131373Stany ArnoldEnglandCoventry27/08/2018
109Joyce AshmoreEnglandNorwich29/10/2017
1611016John AshmoreEnglandNorwich07/10/2018
150471Anne AshmoreEnglandNorwich07/10/2018
113427Peter AshurstEnglandPreston23/09/2018
146534Caroline AtkinsScotland19/01/2018
174880Femi Awowade (GM)EnglandMiddlesex League14/10/2018
1391010Tolani Ayo-AwojobiEngland07/10/2018
107139Raquelle AzranIsrael18/02/2018
107953Peter BaileyEnglandBrighton & Hove30/09/2018
1162114117Adrian BaileyEnglandSutton Coldfield23/09/2018
141789Alan BaileyEnglandSouthampton16/09/2018
122145Alistair BakerEngland07/04/2018
8484Chris{Aylesbury} BakerEnglandAylesbury07/04/2018
1621754Quentin BakerEnglandLondon Scrabble League07/10/2018
130Sue BallEnglandRomford31/12/2017
144John BallochScotlandGlasgow04/09/2018
143252Steve BalmentEnglandMapperley SC27/08/2018
15750Jayaska BaranageEngland01/05/2018
86110Liz BarberEnglandSteel City25/11/2017
133John BarkerAustralia14/10/2018
1141503Maureen BarlowEngland16/09/2018
1431892Noel BarnesEnglandHockley30/09/2018
122924Linda BarrattEnglandLincoln22/09/2018