ABSP Ratings at Monday January 20, 2020 in Players from Israel

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The table below gives the latest ABSP ratings for players from Israel. To appear in this list you must have played at least 15 ABSP-rated games in total, and at least one game since Jan 20th 2019. The calendar shows all upcoming events that have been approved for rating. The column marked N shows the number of games available to be rated. If the column is blank, the full quota of 150 games is used. Players with fewer than 30 games are listed below all those with more games. The column marked MemNo shows the membership number if the person is an ABSP member at the date of this listing. For nonmembers and lapsed members the column is blank.

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Rank order Name order Club order
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Rtg MemNo N Club Last played

1892333Evan Cohen (Exp)Israel08/09/2019
1591170Paloma RaychbartIsrael30/12/2019
158Raz NaotIsrael17/02/2019
156Omri RosenkrantzIsrael08/09/2019
153Naomi LandauIsrael08/09/2019
131Ami TzuberyIsrael08/09/2019
1282331Maureen HochIsrael09/08/2019
1242334Nancy AlroyIsrael08/09/2019
114Linda MarguyIsrael09/08/2019
114Phyllis DeCastroIsrael08/09/2019
11143Norman LoberantIsrael17/02/2019
111Juliet CollinsIsrael09/08/2019
111Sharon PeressIsrael08/09/2019
110Gila BlitsIsrael09/08/2019
110Miriam ErezIsrael29/04/2019
105Raquelle AzranIsrael06/05/2019
100Hilda Ben-NunIsrael09/08/2019
100130Amos FabianIsrael09/08/2019
100Anne GarberIsrael09/08/2019
99Karen AdlerIsrael09/08/2019
99Allan BernsteinIsrael09/08/2019
93Avril ShawIsrael09/08/2019
85128Janis HarrisIsrael09/08/2019
822332Jack HochIsrael09/08/2019
7979Barbara KlinerIsrael09/08/2019
69147Adina KfirIsrael09/08/2019
68121Charlotte PerlinIsrael09/08/2019
6678Angela LevineIsrael09/08/2019
62Gail MorrisIsrael09/08/2019
6240Natalie ElgrodIsrael09/08/2019
54Tony BongoIsrael17/02/2019
50Marion LoewensteinIsrael02/05/2019
50Gila ShapiroIsrael09/08/2019
33 players found.

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