ABSP Ratings at Sunday August 19, 2018 in Players from England

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The table below gives the latest ABSP ratings for players from England. To appear in this list you must have played at least 15 ABSP-rated games in total, and at least one game since Aug 19th 2017. The calendar shows all upcoming events that have been approved for rating. The column marked N shows the number of games available to be rated. If the column is blank, the full quota of 150 games is used. Players with fewer than 30 games are listed below all those with more games. The column marked MemNo shows the membership number if the person is an ABSP member at the date of this listing. For nonmembers and lapsed members the column is blank.

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Rank order Name order Club order
AISA Scotland More Ratings 
Rtg MemNo N Club Last played

198774Brett Smitheram (GM)England29/07/2018
194764Lewis Mackay (GM)England29/07/2018
1891355Craig Beevers (GM)England15/07/2018
1891368Phil Robertshaw (GM)England08/10/2017
1891942Piotr Andronowski (GM)England03/06/2018
189751Paul Allan (GM)England18/08/2018
188Mark Nyman (GM)England20/07/2018
188745Harshan Lamabadusuriya (GM)England11/08/2018
184158Ed Martin (GM)EnglandMiddlesex League13/05/2018
184338David Webb (GM)England13/08/2018
183846Austin Shin (GM)EnglandMilton Keynes19/08/2018
182478Elie Dangoor (Exp)EnglandMiddlesex League19/08/2018
180823Wayne Kelly (GM)EnglandWarrington29/07/2018
17958Russell Byers (GM)EnglandNottingham Nomads28/10/2017
1771488Ed Rossiter (Exp)England19/08/2018
1761202Jason Carney (Exp)EnglandNottingham Nomads03/06/2018
1761956Colin NorthmoreEnglandNewcastle08/08/2018
174880Femi Awowade (GM)EnglandMiddlesex League13/08/2018
174734Nick DellerEnglandPeterborough07/05/2018
174773Chris VicaryEnglandSouth Downs29/07/2018
1741510Jessica PratesiEngland10/09/2017
1731693Rafal DominiczakEngland19/08/2018
173115Diane Pratesi (Exp)EnglandLondon Scrabble League22/07/2018
1721631Jack AnscombEnglandSutton Coldfield19/11/2017
172James RossiterEnglandSouthampton19/08/2018
17149Bob Violett (Exp)EnglandEssex League18/08/2018
1712098Craig SolomonsEnglandRomford19/08/2018
1711362Graham HaighEngland24/06/2018
170101Robert Richland (Exp)EnglandWarrington24/06/2018
170202Penny Downer (Exp)EnglandNewport (IoW)19/08/2018
170213Neil RowleyEngland08/04/2018
1701423Calum Edwards (Exp)EnglandRomford24/02/2018
169Rael HaymanEngland18/02/2018
1691196Andy Goodwin (Exp)England14/07/2018
1691419John HardieEnglandHull28/05/2018
1691971Natalie ZoltyEnglandSutton Coldfield29/07/2018
1691988Mohamed KamaraEnglandLondon Scrabble League19/08/2018
1682011Paul CoyleEnglandLondon Scrabble League19/08/2018
168281Steve{Oxford} PerryEnglandOxford29/07/2018
168368Chris Hawkins (Exp)EnglandPeterborough23/06/2018
167162Alec Webb (Exp)EnglandNewport04/05/2018
166Andrei Russell-GebbettEngland19/08/2018
166914Vince BoyleEnglandLondon Scrabble League19/08/2018
1661016John AshmoreEnglandNorwich29/07/2018
166362Gary Oliver (GM)EnglandSouthampton29/07/2018
1661486Ash ColdrickEnglandMapperley SC29/07/2018
1645Brian Sugar (GM)England24/06/2018
1641349Fidelis OlotuEngland22/07/2018
1642241106Jamie JonesEnglandBristol24/06/2018
1631754Quentin BakerEnglandLondon Scrabble League29/07/2018
1632187Ahmed KhanEngland22/07/2018
1626Darryl Francis (Exp)England23/06/2018
162David HolmesEnglandLondon Scrabble League22/07/2018
161Olakunle AjayiEngland23/06/2018
16088Sandie Simonis (Exp)EnglandLondon Scrabble League19/08/2018
1601429Stewart HoutenEnglandNottingham Nomads27/05/2018
160795Chris QuartermaineEnglandAshton23/04/2018
159967Gerard FoxEnglandEast Midlands17/07/2018
15932Jason Broersma